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Cloud Administrator

Continental Utility Solutions, Inc. (CUSI), a national leader in utility management software and technology services, is currently seeking a Cloud Administrator in Jonesboro, Arkansas, with a focus on implementing, managing, and monitoring our cloud infrastructure within Azure. The ideal candidate will have a Windows systems administration background with a firm grasp of virtualization and is looking to improve on this skill set while making the shift to the cloud.

What your day-to-day will consist of:

  • Provisioning and configuring resources within Azure tenants, either for internal use or customer-facing multi-tenant environments. (Virtual machines, virtual networks, blob storage accounts, recovery services vaults, app service plans/containers, virtual desktop host pools, scaling plans, network security groups, log workspaces, load balancers, container registries, etc.)
  • Monitor cloud environment metrics and proactively make recommendations on sizing needs and adjustments.
  • Utilizing Azure DevOps for CI/CD and maintaining the web front-end for customer’s utility billing software (1000+ instances).
  • Utilizing Azure PowerShell/CLI/ARM Templates/DevOps Pipelines to deploy customer environments.
  • Scripting and automating tasks; creating and scheduling runbooks, etc.
  • Manage backups and regional replication failovers for virtual machines, SQL databases, and blob storage accounts; test and ensure recovery objectives can be met.
  • Managing backups for customer databases that are not hosted within Azure (rather on-prem or another cloud platform outside of Azure) using Veeam Backup & Replication.
  • Work with Tech Support as needed to troubleshoot utility billing performance issues relating to cloud infrastructure.
  • Azure AD and AD DS object management.
  • Server 2019/2022/Core/Azure Edition OS administration.
  • SQL Server 2016+ administration.
  • Create technical documentation for cloud inventory and configuration.
  • Assigning Azure RBAC roles and managing subscriptions and management groups.
  • Stay up to date on the latest Azure features to see how CUSI can benefit from them at scale and stay competitive.

Minimum must-haves:

  • Strong knowledge of virtualization concepts.
  • Strong troubleshooting skillset: thoroughly understand the issues at hand and how to isolate, reproduce, test, etc.
  • Strong security-conscious mindset with all resource management and deployments.
  • Experience with Azure AD and traditional AD DS.
  • Experience with administrating server operating systems. (Server 2016+)
  • Experience with provisioning virtual machines and storage within a hypervisor or cloud platform.
  • Experience with PowerShell.
  • Surface-level knowledge of networking and basic troubleshooting (TCP/IP, IP address space and subnetting, route tables, etc.)
  • Effective communicator.
  • Highly trainable; willing to learn and leverage any Azure resources to help improve CUSI’s utility billing software performance and customer experience.
  • Forward-thinking; willing to change and adapt to evolving cloud resource needs and processes.

Experience that will set you apart:

  • Sizing Azure virtual machines and configuring managed disks to get optimal IOPS/throughput up to the virtual machine’s SKU limitations.
  • Managing Azure App Services/Plans.
  • Monitoring virtual machine metrics to identify bottlenecks and further improve performance.
  • Deploying infrastructure with Azure DevOps.
  • Automating tasks with Azure PowerShell and/or Azure CLI.
  • Managing blob storage or storage arrays that abstract physical disks into one of more scalable resources.
  • Managing virtual desktop infrastructure.
  • Managing disaster recovery and business continuity resources and planning.
  • Managing Veeam Backup & Replication, or any other VSS backup platform.
  • Managing load balancers and/or application gateways.

CUSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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