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CBSW Development Blog

The CBSW Secure E-Bill Module allows a utility company to go “paperless” for any customers who opt in, by sending an e-mail with an attached PDF of a customer’s bill or Late Notice (Penalty, Interest, Shutoff, or Tax Lien).

This feature allows a utility company to save money on postage costs, and provide a more modern mechanism for keeping in touch with your customers. As more and more utility companies (and utility customers) are taking advantage of this feature, the CBSW Development Team has recently been making some exciting new improvements.

First of all, we have added the ability to send HTML-formatted messages. HTML-formatted messages allow you to design and format your e-mail messages, almost as if it were a website: you can use multiple fonts, font sizes, add color, add graphics, and use other advanced formatting options that are not available for standard plain-text e-mail messages. If that sounds confusing, do not worry. We have included a handy “WYSIWYG,” (What You See Is What You Get), HTML Editor for formatting your e-mail messages. It allows you to change the formatting using a simple toolbar, similar to changing the formatting of a document in a word processor.

Secondly, we have added the ability to use expressions, variables in the content of the e-mail subject or message. This allows you to personalize an e-mail message by including customer-specific information, such as a customer’s name, account number, location number, location address, amount due, etc. Any expression that can be used in the “Report Designer” for a bill or notice can also now be used in the “E-bill” subject or message.

We believe that these exciting new enhancements can further help to improve a utility companies professional image, and empower them to communicate with their customers in a more personal way. To learn more about the CBSW Secure E-Bill Module, contact a CUSI Representative today.

Jon Goad
Director of CBSW Development

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