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Chase Gist – Bimonthly Blog

Hello Everyone,

My name is Chase Gist and I’m the IT Manager here at CUSI. As is the case with many an IT professional, my responsibilities range from high level network administration (network traffic analysis, virtual machine host resource allocation, disaster recovery implementation, etc.) to fixing the office fridge… (The ice maker quit. There was a panic, people threatened early retirement; it was chaos).

Chase GistBut it’s that amalgam, that variance in the everyday; that I enjoy so much. Well…that AND using the online thesaurus to lookup words like “amalgam”. Makes me sound smart right? 😉 I’m also a huge nerd. Like, really huge. Like, weekly Dungeons and Dragons game session huge. So this technology stuff is kind of second nature to me. I’ve always enjoyed it, both at work and in my personal life, and now I have the opportunity to share some of that knowledge.

Starting now, I’ll be contributing to a bimonthly blog about technology. Uh…that’s every two months, not twice a month. Did you know that the term “bimonthly” can be used in either capacity? How confusing is that!? I mean, the phrase “We’ll do this bimonthly”, is used correctly and requires no additional grammatical article to clarify the context… Why wouldn’t they just force people to use “semimonthly” and remove that meaning from “bimonthly” all together?! Thanks for nothing, Merriam-Webster!

Anyway…I’ll be composing a brief article six times a year (see what I did there) to talk about everything from the latest virus threats to new cellular technology… and maybe the occasional cat video. The idea being to keep you, our illustrious clientele, informed of what might be relevant to you in the utility world.And of course, to tell you about how we can help you do the same. (That is… stay relevant, technology wise. Not write a blog.)

So. Read on and enjoy. And, of course, should you have any questions or concerns; my contact information will be at the bottom of every article. Feel free to contact me and let me know how I can help.

Chase Gist

IT Manager
Phone Number870.336.2210

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